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Marketing has always been the primary way of attracting customers to a particular business or service. It is considered to be directly related to the success of any business, which is why successful entrepreneurs say that the more you spread the word, more people your business will attract. This mantra does not only work for tech entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs of any type, but it also works for trades people.

Since the advent of Internet, marketing has been divided into two types and has comparatively become easier than the pre-internet era. The two types of marketing are inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Both types of marketing have their pros and cons, therefore, this post is written to discuss their importance and weigh out both of them against each other.

Inbound Marketing:

The internet brought with it this new form of marketing which goes by the name of Inbound Marketing. It is the process of attracting customers by publishing a variety of content on your website, social media accounts and making use of a number of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Therefore, in this type of marketing, you are not going towards the customers to sell your services, instead, you are attracting them to come to you. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this type of marketing:


  • Cost Effective: Inbound marketing, without any doubt, would prove to be cost-effective. Since the only investment you make is having a computer and its connectivity to the internet. Another optional investment can be to buy a domain name for your website to give it a more credible and professional look. Apart from these expenses, there are no expenses whatsoever. Making social media accounts on all the prominent social media networks is completely free.
  • Permission Based: This marketing is permission based, since in this marketing you are not interrupting anyone. The customers will reach out to you on their own will, instead of you reaching out to them, which might feel a violation of privacy or be a cause of interruption for them.
  • Brand Recognition: To make your website look professional and standout, you would definitely increase the amount of quality content it consists. This factor will eventually bring a brand recognition to your business and the services you provide.


  • Time Consuming: Inbound marketing can sometimes become time consuming, especially for those who want to do this form of marketing as part time. It requires patience and persistence to publish quality content and keep your website alive.
  • Technical: People who are not tech savvy would definitely have to go through a lot of troubles. Though making a blog and some social media accounts is not rocket science but it can become a headache for people who don’t even know how to use a computer which is definitely an aberration these days.


Outbound Marketing:

Outbound marketing is basically the type of marketing that has been around for a long time. All those television, radio and newspaper commercials that you see are a part of outbound marketing. This form of marketing also include making marketing phone calls, advertising on billboards, and distribution of flyers. In all these examples, there is one thing common; you are reaching out to the customers, due to which it is sometimes also referred to as interruption marketing. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:


  • Reach: This only pro of outbound marketing is quite intuitive. Although this is called as interruption marketing, but this form of marketing reaches out to people who might not know that they require your services or the people who would have no idea how to reach you.


  • Difficult to Track ROI: Outbound marketing is expensive, and it requires the investment of money so much that it becomes difficult for people to keep a track of their Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Blocking Techniques: Consumers are getting more tech savvy that is why they are more easily able to use services that block any form of advertisement whether it’s on Television, Phone or even the Internet.
  • High Cost and Low Yield: As mentioned in the first point, the cost that is invested in this form of marketing is very high, but even then the final yield is quite low when compared to the yield of its counterpart, Inbound marketing that is comparatively cheaper too.
  • Communication is One-way: Understandably, this form of marketing is called interruption marketing for a reason. And this con tells us exactly why that is so. Because communication is one-way, and from our side. Even if the consumer might not be interested in the product, this form of marketing would interrupt consumers to buy it.


The conclusion of this post is clear, Inbound Marketing seems to be the clear winner when it comes to cost-effective and permission based marketing. So when it comes to marketing for tradies or other service based business, consider partnering withe a company who specialise in inbound marketing.

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